Automotive Mugs delivers commission to AutoVilla

Automotive Mugs delivers commission to AutoVilla

Our company Automotive Mugs is born from the passion for cars and driving. We are happy that we see this within our client base as well. Recently we delivered a great commission produced for AutoVilla in Naarden.

AutoVilla Mugs

AutoVilla is a house for luxury cars and exotic cars. You can find a wide range of different type cars that suit your needs. Ranging from Ferrari 812’s with over 800 horsepower to the sporty and affordable Mercedes-AMG A-Class. AutoVilla is a place you can come for entertainment because they always create new events around races such as the F1 and Dakar Rally with Dutch celebrities. There is a great vibe and the people working at AutoVilla are passionate about their place and their cars. 

AutoVilla Naarden


We had the pleasure to design a distinctive driving mug for AutoVilla that is in contemporary style with a matt finish and elegant applied logos of AutoVilla. Customers from AutoVilla will have the chance to enjoy their beverages in style and represent this energetic company in great manor.

AutoVilla Naarden Mok

If you are interested in receiving a tailor made design for your company. Reach out to us to receive a proposal from Automotive Mugs. These driving mugs are great for true car aficionados! We are wishing each customer of AutoVilla fun and many kilometers with their cars while enjoying a coffee or tea from our mugs.