Dakar Rally mug for Coronel Dakar Team

Dakar Rally mug for Coronel Dakar Team

The Dakar Rally is the world’s toughest and biggest rally. One of the competing teams at the Dakar are famous racing drivers Tim and Tom Coronel. Together with the unveiling of their new Century CR6 we have designed a unique mug for this Dakar Rally.

Dakar Rally 

The history of the Dakar began back in 1977, it was when Thierry Sabine got lost on his motorbike in the Libyan desert during the Abidjan-Nice Rally. After being saved from the desert, the sands in extremis, he promised himself to share his fascination with the world. He decided to create a route that would start in Europe and finish at Dakar. He came up with the following motto for this challenging and adventurous rally that would spark friendships and personal challenges: “A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.”

Since the start of Paris-Dakar it has created inspiration and legendary stories becoming one of the most sporting adventures in the world. Nowadays the rally is held in Saudi Arabia. From 2008 until 2019 it was hosted in South-America due security issues in the African continent. 

Dakar Mug Team Coronel

Coronel Dakar Team

The family Coronel has been competing in the Dakar rally for many years. Since 2007 Tim has been competing in Dakar, a total of 14 times, and Tom has already driven the Dakar 8 times. Both can be called Dakar experts who know what it takes to bring a car to the finish line. 

Last year they experienced almost a perfect rally finishing 26th place after two weeks of racing in the Arabian desert. This was the best result yet in a Dakar rally. Their rally car, “The Beast” went through the desert without many issues but was lacking speed. After the rally the brothers hinted that they were looking for something faster to be able to compete for a better result. 

Century CR6 Coronel Dakar Team Coffee 2 Go

Aiming at a higher finish for the 2022 edition Tom and Tim have chosen a new car to drive the rally, a Century CR6. The Century CR6 is fitted with a 7.0 Chevrolet V8 with a limited top speed of 170 km/h. This is a limited top speed for each car, but this buggy has much better performance in acceleration which will allow the brothers to be faster overall. During the first driving sessions Tom finds this buggy more nimble, powerful and lighter to drive which should give trust for the upcoming rally. 

This Dakar there will be a total of 10 Century’s at the start of this rally which shows that a lot of drivers are feeling comfortable with the performance and durability of this buggy. For sure the livery that the Coronel brothers have chosen is one of the most remarkable ones in the field. 

Century CR6 Coronel Dakar Team Coffee 2 Go

Tough enough for the Dakar Rally

We have designed a unique 2go mug Coronal Dakar Team, this 2go mug is tough enough to be at the Dakar Rally! It will let the team enjoy their warm drinks when the technicians need to work on the buggy race car during the long night shifts. The brightful colors of the race car can be found as well on this mug together with all the sponsors that are supporting this fantastic rally. The sponsors are: LKQ Fource, MPM, ERU Prestige, JBL, Maxxis, Mascot workwear, Keukenwarenhuis, B&S heftrucks, Batavia tools, Toolspecial. We are wishing Coronal Dakar Team all the best during this rally! 


Century CR6 Coronel Dakar Team Coffee 2 Go