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Limited collection of mugs for RUF Automobile

RUF Automobile is a car brand for connoisseurs, car lovers that are looking for the ultimate driving experience. A true commitment to get the real joy of driving. For RUF Automobile we created a unique set of driving mugs for their fans and their customers.

Under guidance of the family RUF the car brand has established itself as a manufacturer for high-end performance sport cars. The company really made history with the record-breaking Yellowbird that came onto the market in 1987. Today the company is having two fantastic new models which capture the essence and foundation of the company, the SCR and CRT Anniversary. Incredible sport cars that are made for the joy of sheer joy of driving. With our team we received a fantastic tour through the facility seeing all the incredible work this company does. 

Ruf ctr anniversary

Bespoke created mug 

Created from the passion for cars and art these unique mugs are the perfect mix of elegance and usability. For the design of these mugs all three designs have been hand drawn by our talented designer Diego De Barca Carretta. Drawing these designs by hand is a very time-consuming process. All drawings are filled with beautiful details. We have chosen for the introduction colors these historical cars got introduced. The bottom color of the mug the historical green RUF-color and the founding date of the brand.

 RUF Mugs

RUF CTR "Yellowbird" mug 

The CTR “Yellowbird” is the car that made history for the car manufacturer. It was the car that truly put RUF on the map in the late 1980s. Only 29 cars were produced in total. The letters CRT stand for Group C, Ruf, Turbo. When the CTR came to the market it was outrunning big names in the business, the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959. This fantastic looking super car was designated as the “Fastest Production Car in the world”. RUF used the Carrera 3.2 version but modified all important parts to make it stronger, lighter and with a better drag coefficient. Weighing just under 1.300 kg’s and having an output over 460 hp it can keep up with new generation sports cars. The eye-catching RUF was nicknamed “Yellowbird,” by Road & Track after achieving well over 340 km/h.

RUF CTR Yellowbird

Photo by Steffen Miethke

RUF CTR2 mug 

RUF continued making history when launching the evolution of the CTR, the CTR2. Only 16 models were built between 1995 and 1997. In the CTR2 there is a powerplant that is based on the Porsche 963 Le Mans Group C car, a 3.6 liter engine with 520 hp. Just as the first generation CTR this new model was able achieve hugely impressive numbers, a topspeed of over 350 km/h which put it ahead of the Jaguar XJ220 and Ferrari F50. One of the most recognizable parts of the CTR2 is the two-level rear wing that kept the rear end planted, and each level had air intakes—one to the airbox, the other to the intercoolers. A necessary modification that gives the CTR2 classy and unique look. For the mug we used the color Arctic Silver Metallic, a classy color that suits this car best.  

RUF CTR2 mug

Photo by Steffen Miethke

RUF CTR3 mug

Definitely one of the most outspoke designs from RUF is the CTR3, this mode combines decades of experience and modern technology. The low and broad design of the CTR3 makes it an absolute head turner. In conjunction with the Canadian supplier Multimatic the platform for the CTR3 was developed. The wheelbase is nearly 11 inches longer than of a 911 giving room for the mid-engine. Heart of the CTR3 is a 3.8 liter flat six fitted with a pair of KKK Turbochargers. Output was initially around 700 hp but upgraded in the Clubsport model. Around 30 cars were every produced making it one of RUF’s most rare creations. For the mug we chose one of the initial colors used for this model.


Photo by Steffen Miethke

Available at RUF Automobile

These unique mugs are available at the webshop at RUF Automobile. They are available at a price of €29,75. The designs on these mugs are hand made and the mugs are from high-quality porcelain. You can consider these mugs a real collectors item to have at home. 

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