Rimac Automobili welcomed as customer

Rimac Automobili welcomed as customer

RIMAC Automobili has become a technical powerhouse over the past century. Inspiring the automotive industry with their technology solutions and record breaking performance. With Automotive Mugs we have recently produced the first series of mugs for this fascinating company.

Taking the world by storm

In little more than a decade Rimac has taken world stage as a hypercar manufacturer. Their first prototype, Concept_One was shown in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This car was built by a team of only eight staff members. The second generation was unveiled in 2018 and first production cars are getting ready to hit the road. Rimac is a company that has seen a continuation of milestones over and over. As a start-up it has achieved the impossible. 

Rimac Campus

We have been able to see the construction of the massive new Rimac Campus which should be completed in 2023. It will be the company's new international headquarters with a capacity for 2.500 employees at a massive 200.000 m² site on the outskirts of Zagreb. A fantastic contrast is an 16th century Croatian castle close to the construction site which might become part of the company in the future. This new complex will feature buildings for R&D, production, test track, battery testing and production facility, hypercar production line, and as well native sheeps to create a friendly environment. 

There is an exciting future ahead for this company with the merger with Bugatti Automobiles that was announced in November. Under the name company, Bugatti Rimac d.o.o. these two powerhouses will join forces in developing relentless innovation combined with years of rich heritage.

Rimac Hypercar

An old BMW of Mate has led the development to this multimillion dollar hypercar that is the fastests accelerating hypercar in the world. The name Nevera takes its name from a mighty storm system, a pretty perfect word to describe the power and performance of this car. It has 1,914 hp and 2.360 Nm of torque, unbeaten numbers in the automotive industry. Who dares to keep his right foot down will be able to accelerate in less than 10 seconds to 300 km/h, unbelievable numbers which have never been achieved. It is a moment in automotive history that will change everything. In total only 150 cars will be produced and delivered over 25 dealerships that are official dealers globally. The first cars will start to get delivered to customers this year. At the headquarters we have seen some previews of the first cars being produced.

Rimac Nevera

This year Rimac will unveil four new cars that have been developed together with Bugatti. No one knows exactly what models these are going to be but one is expected to be the successor of the Chiron and another Rimac hypercar.

Rimac Bugatti

Proud supplier to Bugatti Rimac

Recently we have delivered our first commission of mugs to the headquarters in Zagreb. The hypercar manufacturer trusts the quality of our automotive mugs, a fantastic compliment. We are happy to work with Rimac Bugatti. It is the second automotive manufacturer we have added to our portfolio after RUF Automobile. We have designed two mugs in the new design language of Rimac. These are unfortunately not available for retail and produced in a limited number for employees of the factory. We are looking forward to designing and working more together with Rimac Bugatti in the nearby future. 

Rimac Mugs