FAQ - Frequently asked Questions


  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    We are trying to be as flexible as possible with payments at Automotive Mugs. At the check out you can give choose your preferred payment method. Currently, we accept payments by Paypal, iDeal, Bank Transfer and Credit Card. In case you have any questions in regards to a payment, please reach out to us. 
  • What if I want to place a bigger order?
    When you are placing an order for a club, community, or retail there are different possibilities for the payment. For these enquiries we request you to reach out by e-mail to us for any further information. 
  • Is paying secured through the website?
    Yes, your payment is secured. We are using a standard SSL industry encryption to project all the details you provide to us.

Shipping & Returns

  • How much do you charge for shipping?
    The current price for an Automotive Mug is excluding shipping costs. You will receive the price from shipping upon the checkout. 
  • Are orders shipped globally?
    Yes, we do ship globally. In case you are not sure about if your order would arrive, please contact us by e-mail with your question. 
  • How long does it normally take to receive the Automotive Mug?
    We are working to be able to ship your order the same the order has been placed. This means that order has been processed before 2.00 p.m. (GMT). This is expect weekends or International Holidays. We are focussing on a shipping as soon and as fast as possible. Unfortunately we can’t control any unexpected delays which may occur during shipping.

    We are calculating the following processing times:
    Europe: between 3 to 10 business days
    Rest of the world: 6 tot 15 business days

    In case you would like to you Express Delivery this is possible. 
  • Which delivery services do you use?

    We are using different carriers to be able to offer the best possible service. We are using DHL, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS and our local carriers in the Netherlands.

    In case you have questions about shipments, please reach out to us by e-mail.

  • Are there any taxes and duties on the products?
    Our products are being shipped from the Netherlands. Orders in Europe are not applicable to any import duties. Orders outside of Europe might result in being charged on duties. In case of any question we recommended to reach out to us about clearance procedures.

  • Can I return a product?
    You can return a project within 14 days of arrival. You will need to contact us by e-mail and provide all necessary details, order number, name and the reason of your return. We would need to receive any additional material in case the order arrived damaged.


  • Can you buy an Automotive Mug in a physical store?
    Currently we only offer online sales at Automotive Mugs. We are working on having the possibility to offer products as well in stores across Europe.

  • What are preorders?
    It is possible to place a preorder. This means that the product is not in stock yet and we are waiting for the delivery. It it possible as well that a product is temporarily out of stock. In case the limited production ended there will be notice given. The preorder date is mentioned at the product page. This will give you information when we expect to be ready to ship to customers.

  • A part of my order is missing, what do I do?
    In case something is missing from your order, we suggest to reach out by e-mail with all the questions you have and we will work towards a situation.

  • Do you have promotions?
    In case of any promotion or other type of discount in the webshop you will find notice while visiting the website. 


  • Why are some designs show cased in digital form
    Each production can take up to 4 weeks. Products need to be shipped to our warehouse as well for deliveries. Therefor we offer the possibility to place a preorder. 

  • From what material is the Automotive Mug produced?
    The mug is produced from very high-end porcelain. It is important to understand that this is living material with could slightly chance in the manufacturing and burning process. Before production starts we produce  several proof of samples to guarantee the best quality. The print is a full color print with at least 300dpi.

  • What is the measurement of the Automotive Mug? 
    The Automotive Mug has a 0,4l mug. This is 13 oz in American standards. Perfect for a good coffee! 

  • Are the Mugs suitable for the dishwasher?
    Yes, the quality of the material is extremely good and makes the product suitable for the dishwasher.

Other questions 

  • Where are you based?
    We, Automotive Mugs, are based in The Netherlands. Packages are being shipped as well from the Netherlands.

  • Do you have partnerships?
    We believe in sharing the passion for cars. Therefore we are always open for partnerships. To discuss a partnership or another type of idea we suggest you to reach out to us by e-mail and someone from the team will get back to you.

  • Do you have other questions?
    Please feel free to reach out to us for any additional questions you might have. You can reach us at info@automotivemugs.com. We will get back to you by e-mail or give you a phone call.