Iconic Cars - Limited Series

What is the definition of an icon? After the last century so many incredible cars has been put into production. But there are just a few ones that have really left a mark in the history books. These almost mythical cars rewrote the rule book in every possible way. The made not just the automotive industry look upon them but the world. These are cars that were loved, made history and even today are defined as the absolute best we have ever seen. They have a unique place in the world of the automobile. 

"We are going to make history"

These famous words of Caroll Shelby in the move Ford vs. Ferrari are legendary. The Ford GT40 is one of those few cars that made history on the race track winning the 24-hours of Le Mans beating the unbeatable Ferrari. It is even one of the few cars that made himself movie star in the award winning movie Ford vs. Ferrari. The Ford GT was built to humiliate them at Le Mans, a what looked like impossible task they they succeeded with. Winning the grueling 24 hours of Le Mans four years in a row, 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969. This ferocious racing car is a true Icon in the world of automotive history. 

We have designed a unique hand-drawn Ford GT that is available Limited Edition Automotive in our shop

Ford GT Automotive Mug

History making cars

There are all sorts of iconic cars, ranging from winning rally cars, tv stars, everyday cars and pioneering cars. Since cars are objects of subjectivity, and everyone seems to have an opinion, it is never easy to decide what is an icon. But everyone will agree that the BMW E30 M3 is a true icon. This car marked the start of the development of production series performance cars in Germany.

We are aiming to offer always new iconic automotive mugs in the shop. Each design being carefully selected and hand-drawn. Being Limited you will be sure that you have your own piece of history. 


BMW E30 M3 Automotive Mug


More than just a mug

Each Automotive Mug that we are offering to you has been selected carefully. We like to carry a piece of history that inspires you and makes share the passion of cars. The designs that are created are mostly hand-drawn by our talented artist. Just as the cars, the designs are pieces of art. They should make your drive just a bit more special. 

The material used for each Automotive Mug is 100% high-quality porcelain. This material - unlike steel or plastic - is a living material that could slightly change in the manufacturing and burning process. Furthermore, most of the production steps are hand made, like the drawing of the supercar.  

Special Enquiries 

Are you a Car Club or another type of Automotive Community and you would love to explore what type of Automotive Mugs you can offer to your fellow friends and customers. We would love to help you realise a unique piece of art as well. 

Please contact us to discuss possibilities with creating your own selection of unique Automotive Mugs.