Sustainable products

Sustainability with style, that is what Automotive Mugs are. While we love our cars and having adventures we understand the necessity to make an effort keeping our planet clean and save the climate. With 100% Climate Neutral produced high quality mugs we take our responsibility.

EU-ban on single-use products

The European Union wants a heavy reduction of plastic in all members countries. Today there are currently over 150 million tons of plastic in our oceans and seas. To put a stop to this from 3 July 2021 there is a ban on production of singe-use plastic. With the new Single-Use Plastics (SUP) guidelines, the European Union wants to reduce the plastic soup. The rules relate to the products that wash up most on European beaches.

Several types of alternatives has been offered to the market, such as bio-plastic. But these "compostable" mugs are not as good as actually said. It is a misleading term and the quality of these products can't be compared to a porcelain mug. The bamboo was said to be sustainable alternative. Research has shown that at higher temperatures from 70 °C carcinogenic substances from the artificial resin can pass into the drink.

The Automotive Mug is a great, affordable alternatives already available for who needs a quality product at home, work or for their customers. Disposable packaging harms our own healthy, animals and the environment - our planet.  

Sustainable Production Mugs


Sustainable and stylish

With Automotive Mugs we are working with the best brands in the automotive industry. Our mugs are great promotional items for your customers and clients. They are sustainable produced, environmentally friendly and 100% carbon neutral.

With designing your Automotive Mugs the options are endless, from engraving and usage of full color prints. We work together with highly skilled designers who can incorporate your corporate design perfect onto a mug, whether this being a 2go mug or a mug for at the office, your car club or the race track. 

Reasons to get an Automotive Mug

  • Pleasant drinking quality 
  • High Quality and sustainable materials
  • Fantastic possibilities with designs
  • Sustainable materials 
  • Durable and shockproof 
  • 100% Climate Neutral
  • No health risks 


RUF Sustainable Mug