BMW E30 M3 added to The Collection

BMW E30 M3 added to The Collection

One of BMW’s most successful racing car ever is the E30 M3. It marked the start of an era of high-performance cars. We have added an exquisite new design to The Collection of Automotive Mugs.

A luxury mug for on the road

Hitting the road and want to sip from fresh brewed coffee in a quality automotive mug? Produced from high quality porcelain this is the best mug to buy. With a truly unique design this is a perfect mug for BMW-lovers. The design of the mug is drawn by hand and applied on the mug through an extensive procedure. It is available in a limited series in our shop.

BMW E30 M3

A true iconic sports car

BMW M has a long history of producing exciting sports cars. Looking back to the history of the brand it can be said that one of the most iconic cars is the E30 M3. The first of the many generations that followed, racing sedans being produced as a street version. Being introduced in 1986 it was a first of its kind. This is a true icon in the automotive history of performance cars. It marked the start of an era of performance cars for on the road.

BMW wanted to enter the DTM and Group A Racing. Therefore they had to produce a limited car for homologation. The M3 won numerous championship victories in touring car racing making it BMW’s most successful racing car. BMW’s produced a total of around 5.000 pieces of this legendary performance sedan. Under the bonnet hides a 2,3-liter four-cylinder. Being a lightweight car and having 235 hp the performance numbers of the M3 are very impressive, even by today’s standards. It is one of the many iconic automotive mugs that we will add to our store. 

Available for retail

Automotive Mugs is offering the each mug for retail as well. Reach out in case you have any questions or requests and follow Automotive Mugs on our journey across the world. We are 24/7 available to Boost Your Drive.

The mugs are sustainable and produced with the highest quality standards. Our community is founded by a group of petrolheads. We have as an aim to develop unique driving mugs to make your daily commute more special or use your mug during your automotive experiences.