First driving mug added to The Collection

First driving mug added to The Collection

Automotive Mugs has added the first collectable Driving Mug to the The Collection. The famous Pagani Huayra Hypercar. This desirable handmade drawn design is the first of many new collectibles that is added to shop and currently pre-available. This is the first mug of The Collection

Handmade Designs

Each design for the shop is drawn by hand and through an extensive laser-printing proces added to the mug. The design of based on the final coupé that was produced, the Huayra L’Ultimo. Specially made for car collector Brett David of Prestige Imports based in Miami. The car features the Pacchetto Tempesta aerodynamics package and has a unique paint job inspired by Lewis Hamilton's F1 car. This striking color combination makes it one of the most desirable Huayra’s being produced.

More information about the mug you can find in the shop

Pagani Huayra Driving Mug


Pre-order available

Currently the first production is being produced. Pre-orders are currently possible to place while deliveries are starting later in November. The mug is available for €26.99,-. The mug is available a limited series which makes each mug a collectable piece of art. Global shipment is being offered but for specific questions we ask you to contact us. 

Production is taking place in Europe to offer quick deliveries and the highest quality standards. Not only is the mug from the highest quality standards, it helps us as well to reduce plastic waste of the endless amount of coffee cups. With an Automotive Mug you have a limited driving mug and individual piece of art to Boost Your Drive.  

Pagani Huayra L'Ultimo

About the Pagani Huayra

The Pagani Huayra is one of those bedroom poster cars. Inspired by a South American wind God called Huayra Tata it is one of those mythical hyper cars. Unveiled in 2011 as a coupé with a limited production of just 100 pieces it is one of the rarest cars on the planet. It is fitted with a AMG-V12 engine and produces over 700 hp. Over the years Horacio Pagani has launched several different models next to the coupé.

Available for retail 

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About Automotive Mugs

Automotive Mugs is a dedicated online store for your favorite high-end driving mugs. All designs are hand drawn. The mugs are sustainable and produced with highest quality standards. Our community is founded by a group of petrolheads. We have as an aim to develop unique driving mugs to make your daily commute more special or use your mug during your automotive experiences.