One of a kind: Tanja Stadnic Coffee2go

One of a kind: Tanja Stadnic Coffee2go

Tanja Stadnic is a world known artist for original painting because of their authenticity. These inspiring artworks are commissioned which makes them very desirable. To make petrolheads, art lovers get the chance to get access to a piece of this unique world we teamed up to create one of a kind Tanja Stadnic Coffee2Go mug. Not a one-off as a painting, but still very, very desirable.  

About Tanja Stadnic

Tanja strives to create paintings that are not something to anyone, but everything to some. For her paintings Tanja uses high quality Acrylics for all her paintings. Beautiful fusions of colour, selected according to feelings and emotions, weave their way generously onto medium and large canvases via brush and knife. Thanks to her unique approach she worked at fantastic events with Porsche, Art Basel Miami, Concours D'Elegance and many more.

Tanja Stadnic Porsche GT3

Limited and based on real painting

Want to enjoy your coffee or tea in style in your Porsche? For this Coffee2Go a lot of work was put in to create this piece of art. The design is based a Porsche GT3 which was created as a real painting. Never has a physical painting been produced as an art piece as this mug. The mugs are made from high quality porcelain and is leak-proof. Totally matching is the silicon tyre which is a perfect grip to hold the mug.

Coffee 2Go Tanja Stadnic

A new and unique digital world

Tanja’s original paintings are worldwide known and wanted. But unfortunately, it is not always possible to get your own painting. Therefor Tanja has developed a new digital eco-system which will gives everybody access to a unique digital world, Tanja’s World. This platform is featuring unique digital artwork from Tanja called NFT’s. But the platform is offering a lot more to create value and become sustainable in the nearby future. When you buy an NFT you receive a unique welcome package included with the limited Tanja Stadnic mug and more extra’s.

Getting access to Tanja’s World gives you unique access to:  

  • VIP Member / Tanja Stadnic Events 
  • Trade & Sell unique NFT's
  • Event Access
  • Invitations to Porsche Events
  • Exclusive Tanja Stadnic artworks
  • Access to network of HNWI
  • Access to customer loyalty program
  • Receive NFT Collector Pack including coffee2go mug

Coffee 2go Tanja Stadnic