Unique PUUR Porsche mug designed

Unique PUUR Porsche mug designed

PUUR Porsche is an independent magazine for enthusiasts of the famous German car brand. On Sunday 15th of August they hosted the annual PUUR Treffen, a gathering of Porsches. We attended the event and showcased a unique automotive mug we designed for them.

Biggest Porsche gathering in The Netherlands

PUUR Porsche Treffen is the biggest car gathering in the Netherlands. This event is being organised annually. Over 1.000 Porsche-owners come together in Best to mingle, enjoy each other cars and share the passion for Porsche. The event is taking place at Aqua Best, this location allows the owners show case their cars in a fashionable way. We attended this event with a Porsche 992 Carrera 4S to present a unique PUUR Porsche mug that we have produced. 

PUUR Treffen Porsche Carrera GT

PUUR Porsche Magazine 

PUUR Porsche is the biggest independent magazine that comes with a magazine once a month. The magazine is filled with cover stories about different type of models throughout the history of Porsche. You can find as well articles written about technical details, maintenance, tuning, lifestyle and interviews with interesting Porsche affiliated persons. The independent position allows the magazine to cover all sorts that are interesting for Porsche lovers. 

Unique PUUR Porsche Mug

We have designed a mug that represents PUUR, a matte black mug with a classy drawing of a 964 Turbo. This mug will be available only at PUUR Porsche. We will design more mugs in the future for PUUR Porsche.

If you are interested in receiving a tailor made design for your company. Reach out to us to receive a proposal from Automotive Mugs. These driving mugs are great for true car aficionados! We are wishing each customer of AutoVilla fun and many kilometers with their cars while enjoying a coffee or tea from our mugs. 

The material used for each Automotive Mug is 100% high-quality porcelain. Furthermore, most of the production steps are hand made, like the drawing of the supercar. The volume of the automotive mug is 350 ml. 

PUUR Treffen 959