Welcome to Automotive Mugs

Welcome to Automotive Mugs

Welcome to our first blog! Automotive Mugs is a dedicated online store for your favorite high-end driving mugs. Our community is founded by a group of petrolheads. We have as an aim to develop unique driving mugs to make your daily commute more special or use your mug during your automotive experiences.

Handmade Design 

Visiting your local car gathering or going for a cruise in your car. With the Automotive Mug you are Boosting Your Drive! This mug makes you feel special and part of a community. Each design of a mug is handmade and carefully selected and designed.

By having production done in Europe we offer fast deliveries and production the highest quality standards while being carbon neutral produced. Currently, there is a global issue of garbage like plastic mugs. The Automotive Mugs helps with having less garbage.

With an Automotive Mug you have a limited driving mug and individual piece art to Boost Your Drive. Our aim is to allow exciting car communities to stay connected through this unique way while helping the environment with less waste.  

Pagani Zonda Automotive Mugs

Unique selection 

Each Automotive Mug design is taking inspiration from unique car designs and their legacy from the past and present. Since the beginning of the past century, cars have been an inspiration for many for us and they are part of our dreams. Who doesn’t remember those legendary Group B Rallycars or the start of the hypercars in the start of the 00’s. The Shop is divided by categories as Iconic Cars, Driver's Cars and Hypercars. 

We are continuing to develop new designs to keep our stock unique. Every design is being produced in a limited series and represents a part of automotive history. Through an extensive procedure, these hand drawn designs are being labeled on the mug with high-end technology.

Automotive Mugs

Available for clubs & retail

Reach out in case you have any questions or requests and follow Automotive Mugs on our journey across the world. We are 24/7 available to Boost Your Drive. You can e-mail us at info@automotivemugs.com.