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Automotive Mugs

Coffee 2 Go Mug | Niki Lauda Tribute Mug

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Niki Lauda Tribute Mug

"Be focused on the goal and achieve it." It is one of the famous quotes of racing driver Niki Lauda. Through bank loans secured by his life insurance policy he was able to buy himself a seat into the F1 at BRM in 1973. Ferrari noticed the raw talent of the racing driver and offered him a seat a year later. The Italian racing team needed a new championship since it wasn't able to win one since 1964 with John Surtees. His first season he won two races in Spain and Holland proving he was able to get Ferrari back in business.

The major first success came a year after when he stormed to victories in Monaco, Belgium, Sweden, France, and the USA to become World Champion in his Ferrari 312/T. We pay tribute to this famous racing car with a unique mug carrying his livery. 

Volume: 0,4 liter - 13,5 oz
Weight: 0,36 kg - 0,88 lb

The material used for each Automotive Mug is 100% high-quality porcelain. This material - unlike steel or plastic - is a living material that could slightly change in the manufacturing and burning process. Furthermore, most of the production steps are hand-made, like the drawing of the supercar. Would you kindly note, that in fact of the handmade production small tolerances and deviations, even from the proof sample, are totally normal and must be accepted. We are inspecting each product at delivery. Each Automotive Mug comes with a single white box. 

Available from 2022

The mug is available for €26.99,- starting from 2022. The mug is available in a limited series which makes each mug a collectible piece of art. Global shipment is being offered but for specific requests, we ask you to contact us.