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Automotive Mugs

Coffee 2 Go Mug | Saab Commission - 'Born from Jets'

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Turbochargers and Fighter Jets! That is what Saab is all about. The car brand has one of the most distinctive slogans used in the car industry, "Born from Jets". For a local Saab Club we have commissioned a unique car mug. 

We're happy to announce that the Saab commissioned car mug is also available for you as a true Saab fan. We have made a deal with the Saab club to sell them here as well as a limited edition, this means there will only be 100 pcs available. The mug has some fine details such as the Saab 900 side profile and the aviation logo in gloss white which contrasts perfectly with the matt black base. 

Born from Jets

The car manufacturer Saab had a very strong reputation among its clients. Their owners are known as smart and sophisticated. The type of driver who is a doctor, engineer, or architect. Their cars are known as being elegant but powerful as well. A great reliable car brand that unfortunately didn't have enough customers to stay in business. Especially the Saab 900 was a legendary car that brought Saab into the mainstream. A tough and great-looking car was the Swedish brand’s answer to the likes of BMW and Audi. Around this time Saab also built a reputation for producing dependable cars – one owner racked up over a million miles in his 1989 car. Currently, Saab has a fair amount of true enthusiasts around the world who appreciate this Swedish legend. 

100% high-quality porcelain and hand made car mug 

The material used for each Automotive Mug is 100% high-quality porcelain. This material - unlike steel or plastic - is a living material that could slightly change in the manufacturing and burning process. Furthermore, most of the production steps are handmade. We are inspecting each product at delivery. Each car mug comes with a single white box. 

Volume: 0,4 liter - 13,5 oz
Weight: 0,36 kg - 0,88 lb